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Chun Kuk Do Charter School

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Big News Gateway Martial Arts Academy is moving!!!

We are combining forces with Ultima Krav Maga located @

4241 W. Ina Road Suite 111


More information to come.

Whether you are new to martial arts, or continuing your training, Gateway Martial Arts Academy is the school for you. All our Black Belt Karate instructors are dedicated and certified to teach the well-established system of Chun Kuk Do, "The Universal Way", a fighting style founded and made famous by Chuck Norris. From beginner to advanced, you will experience challenges designed to build both your mind and body. Our goal is to build self-confidence, perfect one's character, provide exceptional self-defense techniques, and physical training that will give you the 'edge' for success in education, business, and life. At Gateway Martial Arts Academy, you will enjoy a true family atmosphere of fun and mutual encouragement.  
  • We are a Black Belt training school!
  • Build your life on the foundation of self-confidence, respect, honesty, discipline, and character!
  • Learn to set achievable goals and improve your focus to make them!
  • Become a leader through proven, time-honored techniques!
  • All classes taught by award winning instructors!
  • Become physically fit through mutual encouragement in a family/peer environment!
  • Make lifelong friends bonded by the Martial Arts experience!
  • We are a working partner with parents!
  • Superior Instructor to student ratios!
4241 W. Ina Rd., Suite 111 | Tucson, AZ 85741
Tel: 520.744.3377 | Fax: 520.744.3344